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Law Office of R. Aaron Hargis, LLC

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Our desire is to help those that need it in a variety of different arenas while maintaining a professional, yet down to earth and personal experience.  


Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.  Our goal is to help straighten that pitch out for you.  You won't find an office full of stuffy suits here, just personable people who genuinely care about helping you improve your situation.  

Are debt collectors driving you crazy?  We can help make them leave you alone and maybe even repair your credit.

Is "The Law" knocking on your door?  We can help protect your license, your rights and your freedom.

Are you a small business owner just getting started or wanting to make sure the incorporated business you started is affording you the protection you desire?  We can review and advise appropriately and make sure your "best practices" are in order.

We consider ourselves to be jacks of all trades.  If you have a legal problem, contact our office.  If we can't help, we probably know someone who can.

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements.


Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Small Business Development, Litigation

Law Office of R. Aaron Hargis, LLC





We file personal bankruptcy, both chapter 7 and 13 for consumers who need relief.

Criminal Defense


We defend misdemeanor and felony cases in both Municipal and State Courts.

Finance, Debt & Credit Consulting


We help consumers who may not qualify or want to file bankruptcy improve their financial and credit situation.

Small Business Consulting


We help small businesses incorporate and/or put into place standards and practices to ensure those protections are maintained for the life of the business.



We defend cases against debt collectors of all kinds including landlords.



We can help prevent points or marks against your driving privileges.